Reserve a Seat: SharePoint 2010 Power User Remote Training

Reserve your seat now for our public SharePoint 2010 Power User training.

This is a fully remote, instructor led class.  It will be taught over 4 half-days, 10AM to 2PM Pacific time.

Your instructor will conduct the class over a Web-ex session while you are able to connect to the class server to perform student exercises. For the best experience, we recommend that you have a conference room for all students attending for your organization and a computer dedicated to projecting the Web-ex session while each student brings their own laptop to connect to the lab server. Alternatively, you can use a dual monitor system to see the presentation while able to do exercises on the same machine.





Module 1:

  • The Role of the Site Owner
  • Overview

Module 2:

  • SharePoint Review

Module 3:

  • Using and Customizing Lists
  • List Settings
  • Customizing Columns
  • Site Columns
  • Content Types
  • Creating Lists by Importing Excel Files
  • Creating and Modifying Views
  • Communications Options
  • Workflows

Module 4:

  • Creating Forms Libraries

Module 5:

  • Creating Web Pages

Module 6:

  • Sites and Workspaces
  • Site Customization
  • Web Parts

Module 7:

  • Users and Groups
  • List and Library Permissions
  • Audiences

Module 8:

  • Site Activity
  •  Site Web Analytics Reports


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